Coaches Corner: A note from Phoebe Atkinson

As I awoke on the North Shore of Long Island this morning, overhead there was a huge flock of geese. I had just been thinking with such gratitude about this wonderful community of women of which I am a part.  As we head into the home stretch of winter and into the new year, I wanted to send a honk from the north to each of you – for encouragement, for appreciation, for connection.  May we all feel the ‘lift’ of each other’s spirit and presence.  
Phoebe AtkinsonWhat the patterns of geese teach us about leadership:
  • The “V” formation adds 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone: Community uplifts us all to greater performance.
  • Geese take turns with the hard labor by rotating the head goose: Share leadership to maximize potential. 
  • Geese honk to encourage one another to keep up their speed: Encourage for greater productivity and innovation.
  • When a goose falls behind, two geese stay back to aid and protect it until it dies or can fly again: Care for one another; we can’t go it alone.