ELP Take Aways: What They’re Saying


 Confidence in a Positive Future

“I achieved all of my goals… The belief in myself and what is possible.”
— Lori Feller, Area Business Leader, Novartis



“I’m in a great place now. I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I know that all of these skills are going to be carried with me to find my path and navigate.”
— Vildan Kortan, Group Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb


Cultivating Leadership Presence

“The gift of time. The ability to pause and reflect–to decide consciously how you want to show up. To practice this in a safe environment.”
— Lauren Brunn, Learning Manager, Chubb



“Dare to accept who you are and put yourself out there in the organization.”
— Liping Yeo, Director, Novartis



“Presence and confidence. We need really to focus… and never forget that we’re on equal footing.”
— Susan M. Carducci, Director, Verizon



“I didn’t want to sound too soft or too feminine. And in fact, when I started to tap into those things, it grounded people.”
— Danielle Coppola, M.D., Compound Development Team Leader, Janssen



“I used physical posture and preparation to change an outcome. It was a powerful moment where I was heard in a group that historically could dismiss me fairly readily.”
— Susan Clarke, Health Care Compliance Officer, Johnson and Johnson



“I’m in transition from being a fixer to a leader with vision.”
— Susan Kominiak, Associate Director, Novartis



Achieving Goals


“If you believe in who you are and what you can do, the rest will just follow.”
— Dyanne Leonardo, Director Human Resources-Asia Pacific, Verizon


“You know what makes you happy. Something that fulfills that need, that makes you happy, that’s what you strive for.”
— Erica Heverin, Director, Janssen



“I want to do things that make me happy. It’s recognizing that and then being able to say that’s what I want to do and that’s where I want to go.”
— Eileen Opitz, Regional Manager, AVP, Chubb & Son



“Every time a challenge has made me feel uncomfortable, I’ve just gone at it and all this growth and all this opportunity just follows.”
— Krysta Fox, Founder and CEO, Agile Interfaces



“You can’t let fear get in the way. A little bit of fear is not such a bad thing.”
— Antonella Franzen, VP, Investor Relations, Tyco


Expressing Her Value Proposition

“My leadership offers strength, flexibility, willingness, faith, and a growing mental toughness that helps me move any project forward and collaborate with any group of people.”
— Michelle Lincoln, Associate Director, Novartis


“I stand for me, because if I can lead me, then I can do a better job of leading others.”
— Laura Anne MacEntee, Director, Janssen



“My goals, courage, and persistence drive my leadership every day.”
— Karen Baylock, Director, Novartis



“With patience and nurturing, I lead people and animals to get where they need to go.”
(From her leadership story of saving a dog from a wild river with her grandson)
— Mary Ann Haberthur, Operational Training Officer, Kearny Federal 


Empowering Teams

“You build a cohesive team and you empower them, but then when you ask them what they need, you need to give them what they ask, and sometimes it’s just eggs.”
(From her leadership story on serving as an army commander during the L.A. riots)
— Wendy Mavroudakis, Senior Director, Janssen

Deepening Self Awareness

“In sharing stories and challenges, I learned a lot about myself. My leadership today is deep-rooted, inherent in who I am.” — Cynthia Ritter, VP of Finance, Tyco



Creating an Environment for Growth

“It was a safe place. I’d like to take that back to them (women in the workplace). We’re there to support them and help them through the organization.”
— Gina Newhart, Director, Simplex Grinnell/Tyco




“The power of having a network around you. Learn who those people are and connect with them in many different ways to create a supporting circle.”
— Marianthi Ierapetritou, Professor and Chair, Rutgers