Shake It Up: Creating Physical Time at Work

We all know the value of exercise for health, longevity, and well-being. But new research finds that a one-hour workout does little to counteract the hazards of eight hours of sitting. Start a movement for movement in your organization by starting some healthy new practices today. Here are some simple ways to shake it up at work:

  • Strike a Pose: Power posing for just two minutes reduces stress hormones and raises testosterone, creating the chemical cocktail for confidence.
  • Meet and Greet: Too busy to network? Take a stroll through your office, greeting everyone you pass. Move your body, fire up your brain, benefit from positive interaction, and spread positive contagion!
  • Power Walk: Take a one-on-one or phone call on the go. You’ll be surprised to see what fresh ideas come when the body is engaged.
  • Office Yoga: Check out these simple moves from Yoga Journal’s Office Yoga series.

Exercise helps the bottom line, as well as the waistline. It has proven to enhance long-term memory, foster positivity and engagement, and stimulate creativity. Studies show our lifestyle choices are contagious. Shake it up at work and start a movement for health and productivity!

What about finding time for real sweat sessions? Here are some ways to incorporate working out onto your already full plate:

  • Friend Time: Switch out that lunch date with a hike or Zumba class! Your friends will thank you for it.
  • Family Time: Plan a family park day. Bring a game of choice and instill healthy habits for happy kids.
  • Romantic Time: Rather than dinner and a movie, try salsa dance class or ice-skating.
  • Volunteer Time: Join an active volunteer activity and get the benefits of doing good works–volunteering has been linked to lower instances of depression, increased well-being, and longevity.

What will you do to shake it? Leave a comment here!

Looking to make a major health shift? Check out Live More Way Less. We love Sarah Jenk’s positive approach.

For a revolutionary approach to exercise, check out Intensati. Combining positive affirmations with powerful movement- this is more than a workout, but leadership training in line with TNL’s embodiment philosophy.

As a leadership presence coach, Lucia utilizes acting techniques which empower clients to release their authentic, fully energized, and compelling leadership presence.

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