Dorothea Grimes Farrow, on The Art of the High Wire


Dorothea Grimes was a candidate in our very first Executive Leadership Program back in 2000. She continued her leadership journey contributing to the program as one of our coaches and returning as a panelist. At our latest ELP alumni panel, Dorothea spoke to us about the art of leadership, and the authenticity it demands. Here is an excerpt from her inspiring talk:I like to build great works of art – I am an engineer.  To see things go from a to b – is a work of art.  To encourage other women – is art.  To take initiative and be recognized and supported – that’s a work of art.  An artist has to be authentic. When I am not authentic people know it. You have to live by a script.  When you are authentic people see a reflection of their greatness in your eyes.
Being authentic is a journey.  There was a woman whose coat was stuck in the subway door.   Someone came over and said, “When your life is in danger…. You better make some noise.”  I am not saying to speak without a filter, but as a mature adult, asking how do I bring my authentic self?
I serve up the truth in short simple phrases, unscripted.  When my boss was blasting me, I learned to say  “Ouch that hurts.”  When I did that our whole relationship changed.  Our relationship changed.  “Oh, I am talking to a person there, Dorothea ….. who said ouch.”  It became more authentic.
Being authentic means gender intelligence – the reality of gender intelligence.  Having the courage to show up as a female- appreciating all that it brings with it.  It empowers me, it puts courage into others – that’s my work of art.
Men will be promoted on their potential and women on results. It’s acknowledging the realities of the workplace.  As women we are standing firmly on sand.
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