10 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

  1. You document your intents.   Writing down your intents makes you accountable to yourself for following through.
  1. You can read your intents daily. Writing your intents gives you a visual reminder of your goal or plan.
  1. You gain focus and clarity. By committing your ideas in writing, you allow yourself statement without judgment or censoring.  You can brainstorm more freely before making your ideas/plan known.
  1. It gives you the basis for an action plan. As you develop your ideas, you give yourself space to formulate options without limits, expanding your thinking around what is possible. You can then reflect on what is possible within this new mind-frame of expanded potential.
  1. You can monitor your progress. Writing down daily action steps with the wins and challenges you face helps you refocus, tweak or revise your plan.  The journal provides an ongoing record of your leadership process.
  1. You can create a memoir. A journal is an excellent way to create a “word-picture” of your Leadership Journey.
  1. You gain serenity and confidence. Reading through where you have been and where you are will inspire and motivate you, and will increase your confidence.
  1. You will inspire and motivate others. Letting others know you’ve “been there and done that” is a great gift you will have to give to others. 
  1. Insight orientation. Journal writing is a powerful tool for discovering the answers that lie within each of us.
  1.  It reinforces a positive mind-set. Retrospective review of the stumbling blocks you have turned into stepping-stones will strengthen your attitude and outlook. A positively tuned mind is proven to create resiliency through challenge!