Journaling Prompt: What Would You Do If You Were More Confident?

Journaling prompt: If I were 20% more confident…

What would you do if you were 20% more confident? Every morning for a week, hold a power pose for 2 minutes. Then complete the prompt, “If I were 20% more confident…” Before bed, check in to see what actions you took. At the week’s end,  leave a comment here on how this worked for you!

Power Posing Refresher Course! 
(Never heard of power posing? Click here for Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk)

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes.
  • Strike an expansive pose: arms and legs spread wide, chest open, and feeling elongation through your spine.
  • Breathe and move! At TNL, we like to let you move through your pose. As you do, feel yourself expanding with every movement and breath, larger and larger.
  • Once the 2 minutes are up, return to neutral and check in. Feeling powerful?