Journaling Prompt: Five things I appreciate about ____ are…

Studies suggest a 5.6 to 1 ratio of positive to negative feedback makes for most effective teams. We’re wired from cave-man days to notice threat. Today that’s reflected both in how we receive negative feedback and how we notice the negative about others. This prompt helps rewire our habitual brain pattern to notice the good in those we work and live with. In appreciating what is great about one another, we broaden and build it, encouraging each other to be our greatest selves. This is true leadership!

Complete the prompt:
“Five things I appreciate about ___  are…”

You might start with someone you find easy to appreciate, your good friend at work, and build over time to a person you have prickly relations with, that difficult direct report. Choose people who are of import to your career and wellbeing. Then, leave a comment here to let us know how appreciating 5x more is working for you!

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