Training Leaders to Improvise

Over the years, improvisation has become an integral part of our women’s leadership training programs. Here’s why.

Improvisation benefits:

  • Puts brain into a “towards” state— Studies show we are 31% more productive when in a positive mindset. (See The Happy Secret to Better Work for more on the power of positivity)
  • Develops a habit of valuing and seeing strengths.
  • Creates a “pattern interruption” that stimulates focus on task with greater capacity. In the room, you can experience how the energy grows so quickly in a game using your body, your spontaneity, and your connection skills.
  • Offers that “90 minute” pause to ensure peak performance.
  • Builds a habit of ease and stepping forward in the face of risk; this, in turn, creates smarter risk taking.
  • Encourages women to speak up and take action even when it isn’t perfect–See Women Find Your Voice–counteracting what study after study has been validating—that women hesitate to assert in public or high stakes settings unless they have it “exactly right.”
  • Enables leaders to create positive contagion to increase success, hope, trust, and engagement.
  • Practice the muscle of collaboration by “Yes…And…” ing new ideas.  This means adding, building or transforming ideas freely — a great way to build esteem in your direct reports and foster innovation.

Improvisation games remind us of forgotten muscles desperately needed by the Corporate Athlete and leaders a world of extreme change. Excited about the possibilities? Take a drop-in class at any improvisation school. Most of them have them. For those in NYC- we recommend the Magnet Theater.  It will let you experience the benefits live and ensure you have a great day.  Stay tuned for more postings on this in our special Nov./ Dec. 2014  issue of the High Wire Acts  newsletter on this topic.