Silence For Vision

“Freedom from noise and goal-directed tasks, it appears, unites the quiet without and within, allowing our conscious workspace to do its thing, to weave ourselves into the world, to discover where we fit in. That’s the power of silence.”
 Daniel A. Gross, “This Is your Brain on Silence”

Silence for Vision
Do you make space from the noise of our VUCA world to hone your vision? S
ilence is a tricky thing, as our internal chatter can rob us of its benefits. You can be sitting in the Himalayas, but if your brain is going over your to-do list, silent it is not.
How can you quiet the internal and external for clarity and insight?
Commit to practicing two minutes of silence every day to work the muscle of creating internal calm. Some tools for creating external silence are binaural beats–a free app–or noise canceling headphones. Then follow your breath, counting inside your head on the the in and the out, lengthening the exhale. Just 2 minutes a day will help you to develop the capacity for internal silence–a calm and quiet from which vision can arise. 

As a leadership presence coach, Lucia utilizes acting techniques which empower clients to release their authentic, fully energized, and compelling leadership presence.