Count Me In® Customized Team Training

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Count Me In® for Inclusive Leadership

Diversity and inclusion initiatives succeed or fail with the leader implementing them. Customized sessions for intact leadership teams ensure leaders “walk the talk,”collaborating with one another as they promote inclusion throughout the organization.

Count Me In® for the High Performance Teams

Research shows that teams with greater levels of diversity are more innovative, resilient and successful, provided they first learn how to successfully manage differences. Our team development programs link new insights on valuing differences to current research on building high performance teams. Using a patented model of team development, we show groups how to successfully manage difference through every stage of development, from forming to performing. Along the way, teams learn how to build cohesion without sacrificing individual difference.

Little Things Mean A Lot™ Video Training

Our best-selling DVD-based training program, Little Things Mean A Lot™, highlights our pioneering work on microinequities—those small, unintentional behaviors that wall out others, limiting innovation and engagement. At the same time, the program introduces the concept of “micro-affirmations,” encouraging viewers to take positive action to promote inclusion. Informed by over 20 years of experience, Little Things Mean A Lot™ offers a compelling business case with practical inclusive leadership strategies for individuals, teams and leaders. PREVIEW the DVD now.

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