Count Me In® For Diversity, Teamwork And Inclusion

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“Best diversity program we’ve ever had. People are still talking about it two years later.”
– Chief Diversity Officer, Chubb & Son

The challenge of inclusion grows ever more difficult during these times of accelerating change, turmoil, and uncertainty. Meanwhile, corporations are spending billions of dollars a year on diversity, yet continue to be frustrated in their efforts to attract, retain, and advance diverse talent.
Count Me In® teaches inclusion as a daily practice, connecting employees across a host of differences. Positive, practical and action-oriented, Count Me In® inspires leaders at every level to welcome innovation, appreciate others and encourage contribution.

  • Discover the hidden yet pervasive influence of microinequities: small daily acts of exclusion that damage morale, undermine teamwork and chip away at productivity.
  • Counter this effect using micro-affirmations: valuing behavior and assertive communications
  • Practice influence strategies while overcoming barriers that keep us apart
  • Use questions, positive assertion, valuing behavior, and constructive feedback to build relationships and leverage difference
  • Identify and overcome barriers to inclusion

Customizing Programs for Maximum Impact

Sessions are adapted to align with your company’s business, talent and diversity goals. It is especially useful as a strategy for engaging the whole organization during change. We’ll help you best position your inclusion initiative and maximize the benefits of employee feedback collected during sessions.
Count Me In is offered as

  • A stand alone workshop
  • A large-scale summit with employee skills shops and action planning

We also offer:

  • CMI Team building for leadership teams and in-tact groups
  • Little Things Mean A Lot™ microinequities, micro-affirmations video training including e-learning
  • CMI executive briefings

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Praise for Count Me In®

Our microinequities programs have been recognized by The Conference Board and The Catalyst Awards and have been profiled in The Wall Street Journal , Chief Learning Officer and a host of national and international publications.

Principals Discuss Count Me In®

  • READ an interview with Walter Manley, Director Diversity and Inclusion Offerings at The Next Level, Inc.
  • READ an interview with Walter and our company’s founder, Brigid Moynahan.