LEAD™ Executive Coaching

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“You’ve a knack for asking the questions that stop me in my tracks and force me to dig deeper into myself. Thank you!”
Executive Director Oncology Marketing, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Oncology Business Unit

LEAD™ Executive Coaching is our most powerful and long-lasting leadership solution. It guides senior managers as they move from problem to insight to strategic action.Through dialogue and strategic advice, we empower leaders to embrace change as they, confront and resolve issues with optimal insight, creativity and integrity. LEAD™coaching uses a patented methodology to encourage clients to take full responsibility.Our executive coaches have an average of 17 years experience consulting in the Fortune 500, with specialties in finance, telecommunications, and healthcare. During one-on-one meetings with the coach, each leader works on the issues that are most critical to his or her success.

As a result, leaders:

  • Gain perspective
  • Understand their gifts and challenges
  • Define what they truly want
  • Strategize to achieve personal and organizational goals
  • Enhance collaboration and networks of influence
  • Expand their leadership presence and impact


To demystify the art of executive coaching, we equip managers with LEAD™ consultation skills and strategies. In this one-day workshop, managers learn to tap into the full potential of employees as they learn to encourage, mentor, and empower.Workshop topics include:

  • Building a coaching culture
  • Do’s and Don’ts of great coaching
  • Elements of LEAD™
  • Listening and building rapport
  • “Magic 5 Questions”