Success Circles® Peer Mentoring

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“Gave me an opportunity to gain deeper insights into changes I would like to make and challenges that I’m facing. It is extremely helpful to have the support of peers who can assist you with this process.”–Director, Suisse First Boston

Mentoring programs offer big pay-offs to organizations via increased learning,engagement, productivity and retention. But traditional programs can be complicated and costly with burdensome infrastructure and complex oversight. The Next Level’s Success Circles® peer mentoring program eliminates these headaches by putting responsibility squarely in the hands of the participants. Using Brigid Moynahan’s comprehensive Success Circles®: A Guide to Peer Mentoring, participants work together in small groups to:

  • Solve immediate work problems
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Create innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Deepen networks and strategic alliances
  • Build leadership skills
  • Resolve work/life balance
  • Develop interpersonal and coaching skills
  • Navigate the organization and meet team challenges

Success Circles® uses a patented coaching process that promotes efficacy, strategic thinking, commitment, and accountability.



Building Communities of Leadership, Insight, and Innovation
This simple guide offers comprehensive advice on starting and managing peer coaching circles. As a result of this process,readers gain insight and encouragement, transforming their careers and lives.


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