Success Circles® Results

The Next Level, Inc. has successfully launched Success Circles® across a broad cross section of industries and in many Fortune 100 companies around the world.  Success Circles® programs have proven effective for broad corporate development initiatives as well as more targeted efforts for women and affinity groups.

Fortune 100 Results for Coed Circles

Fortune 100 Results for Women’s Leadership Circles


Clients talk about Success Circles®

Isolation is often an issue for senior female leaders. Success Circles® are an innovative way to attack the isolation barrier.
Mary Bennett, Partner, Crowe Chizek & Co. LLC

A safe, intimate environment in which we were able to share challenges and receive encouragement and affirmation.
Angie Roller, Director, Customer Advocacy, Verizon

Great ways to bond, share, and learn from leaders who were so diverse from me, yet so similar in our experiences and challenges.
Sally Macaluso, Senior Director, Merck & Co., Inc.

Shared strategies for overcoming “silos” to move product through complex approval project and into FDA review.
VP, Astra Zeneca

If it wasn’t for the encouragement I got from my circle, I would never have applied for or won my current global assignment.
VP, Astra Zeneca

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